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Energy Efficiency

Reducing emissions and promoting energy efficiency have been key CAWT priorities since its foundation. In 2022 CAWT secured a grant from Wendover and Villages Community Board to provide a free home energy efficiency survey for 5 homes in Weston Turville. We are currently promoting this across the community. The advice will cover everything from draft-proofing and insulating houses of all ages and types to improvements that increase home energy efficiency and the use of appropriate renewable energy technologies.

The reports will be produced by leading independent home energy consultants, CLPM:

We will ensure that the 5 homes chosen are representative of a broad range of different house types from across the village and we will offer the sample surveys free to Weston Turville residents so they can still access expert advice on energy efficiency measures and renewable energy technology appropriate for their type of house. The surveys will be downloadable from our website.

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