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Climate Action: Why it matters

A simple summary from the UN sustainable development initiative explaining the causes and impacts of climate change and why we all need to take action.


We are proud to partner with LIndengate.  A local charity who provide mental and physical health support through wellbeing programmes volunteering and their wellbeing garden.

Visit their website to find out more:

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6 Solutions to Climate Change

To ensure a stable climate and make real on the Paris Agreement UNEP has identified six sectors with the potential to reduce emissions enough to keep the world below the 1.5°C mark.  These short one minute videos give quick & enlightening insights.

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The Deloitte ‘lightbulb’ list

This resource contains recommended reads form experts and leaders across a wide range of climate change topics to educate and inspire.  


Each time you click a new recommendation appears - give it a try.


Bucks Community Energy provides support for communities ready to take concrete action to reduce carbon emissions. They enable schools, public buildings and businesses to cut their carbon emissions and pay less for energy by partnering with them to provide a source of renewable energy. 

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Weston Turville Parish Council is committed to reducing the carbon footprint of the parish, promoting biodiversity and increasing local renewable energy generation. They have made progress with a solar P/V installation on the village hall tree planting, litter collection and wildflower planting.  The CAWT team are proud to partner with the Parish Council to help reduce the villages carbon footprint and promote positive local action.

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Insulation may not be the sexiest topic, but with rising energy bills it’s worth brushing up on your knowledge and finding out whether it could benefit your home. In this Friends of the Earth article Climate Campaigner Connor Schwartz answers your questions.

Five ways to jump-start the renewable energy transition now


The key to tackling this crisis is to end our reliance on energy generated from fossil fuels - the main cause of climate change.


“The good news is that the lifeline is right in front of us,”

UN Secretary-General António Guterres,

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CAWT Home Energy Surveys

Insights from the home energy surveys conducted in Weston Turville homes in 2023. Includes general recommendations suitable for all homes as well as specific advice for the different home types.


Transport and Travel

Decarbonising Transport | Climate Trailblazers: Towards Net Zero

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Whether short or long haul, flying one of the most climate-wrecking modes of transport. We've got everything you need to plan an affordable, environmentally friendly holiday.

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Low carbon travel


Expert advice from the energy saving trust on how to travel more sustainably across a range of low carbon transport options.

Sustainable Food

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The global food system is broken. It’s harming our planet and our health, so it's up to us to change it.

Great insights here from Friends of the Earth on the issues and causes plus positive changes we can all make to improve the situation.

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The planet is in peril, and it’s clear that we cannot restore it without transforming our food system.


Here's how we can all make changes to our diet to help us eat healthily and sustainably, in a way which is good both for both us and for the environment.

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The global food system is damaging our planet. It is one of the leading causes of climate change through land use, freshwater use and pollution through fertilisers and pesticides.

This BBC article compares different diets and their potential benefits.

Waste and Recycling


There is a waste crisis on our planet today, with plastic everywhere we look. And it is our responsibility, as individuals, to do something about it.


30 great everyday tips here from Madeleine Olivia on how to reduce your waste.

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Can fashion ever be sustainable?

Fashion accounts for around 10% of greenhouse gas emissions from human activity, but there are ways to reduce the impact your wardrobe has on the climate. This article for BBC future has some great insights and ideas.

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From the pollution produced by landfills to the devastating effects of plastic in our oceans, we urgently need to stem the flow of rubbish pouring into our environment. Here's a reminder of why recycling is such a good thing – for you and the planet.



How to grow a wild patch or mini meadow - BBOWT


Whether it's a flowerpot, flowerbed, wild patch in your lawn, or entire meadow, planting wildflowers provides vital resources to support a wide range of insects that couldn't survive in urban areas otherwise. It is also a great way of avoiding tools such as lawnmowers that are powered by fossil fuels!

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Sir David Attenborough appears in a new, short film made for COP26 by The Wildlife Trusts.


He calls for greater focus on nature’s power to store carbon and help address the climate crisis – and for bold action, supporting local communities and landowners to create thriving and connected wild places on land and at sea to protect ourselves and the nature that depends on them.

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Biodiversity - our strongest natural defense against climate change - Friends of the Earth


International Energy Agency

insights into how the energy crisis started, how global energy markets are impacting our daily life, and what governments are doing about it?


7 Ways to Save Energy

Read the article or watch the video below to find out more

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Transport and Travel
Sustainable Food
Waste & Recycling
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