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Electric Vehicles and alternative transport

Emissions from petrol and diesel cars, vans and lorries are harmful to people and to the climate.

CAWT is encouraging Weston Turville residents to consider alternative transport including use of electric vehicles (EV) through surveys, articles and information. EVs harm people and the environment much less than fossil fuel powered transport. Our 2022 EV survey of local residents found that over 45% of respondents are interested in EVs and 15% own one already.

CAWT is also working with local businesses to encourage the installation of more EV charge points, which was one of the findings of the survey. It’s great to see the Chequers Inn pub and restaurant on Church Lane has installed a fast EV charging point for public use, at a very reasonable cost!

Weston Turville residents can also ask the team about their experiences of buying and running electric vehicles or for ideas on alternative transport.

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