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Rachel Blackmore

Founder, Chairperson
and WT Parish Council Environment lead

I became aware of global heating due to our carbon emissions in the 1980’s when I read about the effects it was having on weather patterns in the global south. Countries with former predictable rains, once or twice annually, were now experiencing frequent failed rains. I was concerned.


A few years ago I learned that this heating is not only escalating dramatically from our ever increasing emissions in the global north, but that there is a point of no return, where cascades of worldwide unpredictable, extreme weather cannot be stopped, resulting in huge losses of all forms of life, including ourselves. I became a climate activist.

My early work was in nursing and midwifery and raising a family. I now run a poverty relief charity in Tanzania supporting people suffering from the effects of global heating. Conscious of the urgent need for us all to make changes, to work together with the PC and our community to conserve energy, reduce emissions and waste and promote biodiversity, I started engaging with people locally. I was delighted to find a group of like-minded,

enthusiastic, committed people and CAWT was born!


We are a group of local residents, concerned about our shared future. We don’t have all the answers but want to hear what you think, and what others are already doing. Between us we can create a better, healthier, greener future. Come and meet us at our monthly ‘Pint and Planet’ meetings in The Chequers Inn, every third Wednesday of the month at 7:30pm. We’d love to see you!



Tel: 07792 475094

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